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We're Different

Here at Viera Pediatric Dentistry, our compassionate patient-focused care puts children’s oral health first with a strong foundation in preventative care. Our goal is to create positive experiences at the dentists’ office that will translate to a lifetime of excellent oral health.

Gentle Approach

Dental fear is something that we take seriously and our goal is for our patients to graduate from our office empowered, educated, cavity free, and looking forward to their next visit.

Our gentle approach allows us to focus on your child’s emotions, their thoughts, and their past experiences to ensure a positive appointment. We work hard to establish trust with our families to create a positive and honest relationship. Unless there is a dental emergency, we do not force children to have treatment completed and work to build that relationship over time to allow for a positive experience.

Sometimes it takes multiple visits to build that trust with children, especially those with special needs. Sometimes we plan to do something and the child is having a bad day and our work can’t be done safely. Dr. Patel and her staff work with each family individually to build those relationships and create happy positive experiences that have kids looking forward to coming back again.

Conservative Treatment

Dr. Patel has a reputation of being a conservative dentist who always puts the needs of her patients first. Each child is unique, and each child deserves a thoughtful approach to what is best for them. All cavities do not need to be filled, and x-rays do not need to be taken every year for every child. We treat the whole child rather than focusing only on the teeth.

Taking the same approach to every child assumes that every child’s life experience is the same - that they enjoy the same foods, have the same medical history, have the same oral bacteria, have the same genetics, drink the same amount of juice, eat the same type of snacks, eat the same amount of candy and are equally susceptible to getting cavities – which is simply untrue!

We as dentists have the opportunity and responsibility to prescribe treatment and x-rays in a way that utilizes our education, experience, and our patient’s individual circumstances (age, which teeth are present, dental history, oral hygiene, food/beverage habits, etc). There are many cavities that, although present, do not need to be treated. Dr. Patel takes many things into consideration before recommending treatment. Through her experience, she has learned that while some treatment is inevitable, there are many opportunities to take a more conservative approach.

We Take Our Time

We are a small practice and don’t over schedule. Your appointment time is reserved just for you and your child. You will always have the opportunity to speak with Dr. Patel during your child’s dental appointments - whether they are for first visits, check-ups, or treatment appointments.

We Welcome Parents

Dr. Patel firmly believes that parents need to take an active role in the oral health care of their children. For this reason she prefers parents to be present for their child’s dental visit to ensure that as members of the VPD family, the parents and children feel comfortable asking questions about their health. This builds confidence and makes families responsible about the status of their oral health and what can be done to improve it as a team.

Free Visits For Children Under 3

Dr. Patel follows the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry guidelines and likes to encourage parents to bring their children in once they start getting their first teeth (around age 1) and then every six months. All visits under age 3 are complimentary and meant to review all the preventive measures that can be taken to avoid cavities in the first place. We discuss diet, hygiene, breastfeeding, evaluate for tongue/lip ties, discuss thumbsucking/pacifier use, what to do in case of an emergency and how to remain cavity free. These “under 3” visits lay a strong foundation for future positive experiences. It allows your child to become familiar with the staff, the sounds, and dentistry itself! We schedule these in the morning to respect the nap times of our little ones.

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