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Topical fluoride treatments are effective in protecting teeth from dissolving as a result of acid and sugars that remain on the teeth after eating and drinking. Systemic fluoride (ingested) is incorporated into developing enamel to increase its strength. If you have questions about fluoride and current guidelines and recommendations for its use, please ask!

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are usually carefully applied on permanent molars to prevent food from adhering to grooves of teeth. Sealants make it easier to keep teeth clean and cavity free!

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Radiographs (X-rays)

Radiographs (or x-rays) are an essential part of our diagnostic assessment. They are prescribed by the doctor based on a child’s individual needs and cavity risk. Without them, dental conditions may go undetected. Dental x-rays detect much more than dental cavities, and they allow the dentist to evaluate growth and development, bone health, pathology, and trauma. At Viera Pediatric Dentistry, we use the latest digital x-ray technology with very minimal exposure.

Tooth Color Filings

When indicated, we use tooth-colored fillings to restore function and comfort to your child’s tooth.


When indicated, we place either stainless steel (silver) or zirconia (white) crowns. The doctor will review which type is indicated for your child’s needs and go over risks and benefits of every treatment modality.

Pulpotomy / Nerve Treatments

If a cavity enters into the nerve chamber, it will likely need a pulpotomy procedure where the infected portion of the nerve is removed and a medication is placed to prevent further progression of bacteria into the roots of the tooth. If able to stay out of the nerve, other nerve treatments may be indicated to prevent pain/discomfort or sensitivity for your child.

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Extractions can be indicated due to infection, trauma or for orthodontic purposes. Dr. Patel will review your child’s needs and discuss sedation options with you.

Space Maintenance

Space Maintenance is indicated sometimes after a tooth has been lost prematurely. The baby teeth serve as space holders for the permanent teeth. With the early loss of a baby tooth, neighboring teeth start shifting into that space, potentially causing crowding problems as your child grows. This loss may lead to the need for extensive orthodontic treatment at a later age. A space maintainer is placed in that area to hold the space so that the adult tooth can erupt in a more appropriate position and then removed once the adult tooth starts to erupt.

Preventive treatments

Preventive treatments like cleanings, examinations, fluoride, and low radiation digital x-rays are part of the initial assessment for each patient. If your family prefers not to use fluoride products, please let our team know at scheduling so we may make adjustments to your child’s visit. Dental sealants are preventive fillings that seal the grooves of teeth to block food particles from getting lodged into hard to brush areas located on the biting surface of the tooth.

Restorative treatments

Restorative treatments involved many modalities in pediatric dentistry. We offer less invasive options like silver diamine fluoride and intermediate therapeutic restorations for children with early cavities. Tooth colored fillings or composite resin restorations are sometimes an option for children with smaller cavities or those involving less surfaces of the tooth. If your child’s cavity is too large to restore with a tooth-colored filling, a crown may be recommended. Crowns help protect the baby teeth by covering them completely and preventing that particular tooth from ever having a cavity again. If you are concerned about a silver crown, talk to Dr. Patel about the possibility of a tooth-colored/zirconia crown. Crowns on front teeth are always tooth-colored as Dr. Patel does not place silver fillings or crowns on front teeth.



Sedation options will be reviewed with you if Dr. Patel feels they are indicated in the success of your child’s care. They range from the use of laughing gas (nitrous oxide), oral medication, or IV sedation utilizing the services of a board certified pediatric anesthesiologist.

EZ Crowns

If your child has a larger cavity, they may require a full-coverage crown to fix it. Sprig EZ-Pedo zirconia crowns are a biocompatible esthetic white alternative to silver crowns for the back teeth and a stronger alternative to plastic resin crowns for the front teeth.

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